Online Houses and the Custom Design Catalog are spaces for users to share designs and learn from each other.

Each design should be useful to others, whether as general inspiration or as a learning reference.


Submitted designs should meet the following requirements:

  • Have creative merit
    • No empty Online Houses
    • No Custom Designs with only a few items
    • No duplicates of earlier submitted designs
  • Respect the work of others. If a design is based on another:
    • It should credit the original work
    • If submitted without permission from the original designer, the original designer can request for the design to be removed
  • Have a design name that conveys some information about the design.
    • No generic names like "Test", "WIP", or "gz2"
  • Have a screenshot image that gives a sense of what the design looks like
    • No screenshots of a blank wall or an empty space
    • For Custom Designs, the screenshot should not have items missing from the design.
  • Modular custom designs
    • No custom designs larger than a room. These should be saved as an Online House instead.
    • Custom designs with unconnected or unrelated parts should be split into two or more designs.
  • No offensive language

Designs that do not meet requirements may be modified (e.g. renamed, screenshot replaced) to comply with this policy, or removed entirely.