Interior Items


Blank Glade Partition
Blank Hingan Partition
Blank Oasis Partition
Blank Riviera Partition
Chocobo Pillar
Cosmos Partition
Doman Partition
Eastern Stage
Factory Automatic Door
Factory Beam
Factory Grate
Factory Partition
Factory Railing
Factory Staircase
Glade Half Partition
Glade Partition
Glade Partition Door
Glade Pillar
Hingan Partition
Hingan Pillar
Hingan Windowed Partition
Imitation Wooden Skylight
Indoor Oriental Waterfall
Ivy Pillar
Llymlaen's Embrace
Log Partition
Mahogany Aqueduct
Mahogany Partition Door
Marble Alcove Bed
Marble Arch Partition
Marble Partition
Masonwork Stove
Oasis Half Partition
Oasis Partition
Oasis Partition Door
Oasis Pillar
Open Partition
Oriental Partition
Paper Partition
Riviera Half Partition
Riviera Partition
Riviera Pillar
Round Stage
Round Wooden Loft
Royal Partition
Slanted Wall
Square Niche Partition
Stage Curtain
Stage Panel
Starlight Pillar
Troupe Stage
Unmelting Ice Loft
Unmelting Ice Partition
Verdant Shelf Partition
White Half Partition
White Partition
White Rectangular Partition
White Screen
Windowed Partition
Wooden Beam
Wooden Blinds
Wooden Handrail
Wooden Loft
Wooden Spiral Staircase
Wooden Steps
Wood Slat Partition



Ahriman Cupboard
Ahriman Sideboard
Ash Cabinet
Carbuncle Wardrobe
Company Chest
Crystarium Wardrobe
Disordered Wardrobe
Far Eastern Doll Display
Flame Armoire
Flame Strongbox
Glade Bachelor's Chest
Glade Cartonnier
Glade Cupboard
Glade Sideboard
Glade Wardrobe
Gordian Bureau
Hingan Cupboard
Hingan Sideboard
Hingan Wardrobe
Manor Cupboard
Manor Wardrobe
Mounted Cupboard
Oasis Cupboard
Oasis Wardrobe
Oriental Dressing Case
Riviera Cupboard
Riviera Wardrobe
Savage Gordian Bureau
Serpent Armoire
Serpent Strongbox
Sharlayan Cabinet
Sharlayan Wardrobe
Storm Armoire
Storm Strongbox
Sylphic Cupboard
Walnut Cartonnier


Ahriman Chair
Alpine Chair
Bar Stool
Broken Heart Chair (Left)
Broken Heart Chair (Right)
Byakko Throne
Cactuar Stool
Carbuncle Armchair
Carbuncle Chair
Chocobo Chair
Crystarium Bench
Emperor's Throne
Factory Bench
Fat Cat Sofa
Flame Storage Bench
Fortemps Sofa
Funguar Chair
Glade Armchair
Glade Bench
Glade Chair
Glade Couch
Glade Stool
Gordian Chair
Grand Chair
Hingan Bench
Hingan Chair
Hingan Sofa
Knight Captain's Chair
Lakeland Chair
Leather Sofa
Manor Couch
Manor Highback Chair
Manor Music Stool
Manor Sofa
Manor Stool
Markworthy Mogsofa
Modern Mogseat
Morbol Chair
Oasis Armchair
Oasis Bench
Oasis Chair
Oasis Couch
Oasis Stool
Odder Otter Chair
Paissa Swing Chair
Pudding Settee
Pumpkin Chair
Raging Vortex Couch
Riviera Armchair
Riviera Bench
Riviera Chair
Riviera Couch
Riviera Stool
Ronkan Rocking Chair
Savage Gordian Chair
Seating Module
Serpent Storage Bench
South Seas Armchair
South Seas Couch
Storm Storage Bench
Sylphic Chair
Tonberry Armchair
Tonberry Couch
Vortex Couch
Woodland Chair


Bathroom Floor Tiles
Bearskin Rug
Carbuncle Rug
Combed Wool Rug
Fat Cat Rug
Flooring Mat
Glade Blossom Rug
Glade Doormat
Glade Fringed Rug
Glade Rug
Goobbue Rug
Large Woven Rug
Moogle Rug
Morbol Rug
Oasis Argyle Rug
Oasis Doormat
Oasis Leaf Rug
Oasis Rug
Paissa Rug
Projection Module
Pudding Throw Rug
Purification Module
Red Carpet
Riviera Doormat
Riviera Fringed Rug
Riviera Oval Rug
Riviera Rug
Sheep Rug
Table Mat
Tatami Mat
Tonberry Oval Rug
Tonberry Square Rug


Ahriman Bookshelf
Apparel Showcase
Armament Showcase
Art Showcase
Back Bar
Baked Goods Showcase
Bread Rack
Cheese Collection
Glade Bookshelf
Glade Open-shelf Bookcase
Hingan Bookshelf
Hingan Open-shelf Bookcase
Imposing Ishgardian Shelf
Low Bookshelf
Manor Bookshelf
Merchant's Shelf
Mineral Display
Mirific Mogshelf
Morbol Bookshelf
Mounted Box Shelf
Mummer's Wardrobe
Oasis Bookshelf
Oasis Open-shelf Bookcase
Pastry Cupboard
Potion Rack
Qiqirn Shelf
Restaurant Showcase
Riviera Bookshelf
Riviera Open-shelf Bookcase
Shelving Showcase
Shirt Display Rack
Shoe Rack
Spice Rack
Staggered Shelf
Sylphic Bookshelf
Tonberry Bookshelf
Toy Showcase
Violin Showcase
Wooden Showcase
Wooden Staircase Bookshelf


Ahriman Round Table
Alpine Round Table
Bar Counter
Barrel Table
Cactuar Round Table
Carbuncle Desk
Carbuncle Round Table
Chocobo Dining Table
Chocobo Round Table
Corner Counter
Counter Cart
Country Dining Set
Eorzean Map Table
Flame Desk
Glade Counter
Glade Desk
Glade Dining Table
Glade Drawer Table
Glade Round Table
Glade Stall
Glade Table
Gold Saucer Corner Counter
Grocery Counter Cart
Guildleve Counter
Hingan Desk
Hingan Sitting Table
Knight Captain's Desk
Knightly Round Table
Kotatsu Table
Lakeland Table
Manor Desk
Manor Dressing Table
Manor Table
Moogle Round Table
Nekropolis Table
Oasis Counter
Oasis Desk
Oasis Dining Table
Oasis Round Table
Oasis Stall
Oasis Table
Odder Otter Dining Table
Oriental Round Table
Pudding Desk
Pumpkin Desk
Red Brick Counter
Riviera Counter
Riviera Desk
Riviera Dining Table
Riviera Round Table
Riviera Stall
Riviera Table
Round Banquet Table
Royal Plotting Table
Serpent Desk
Storm Desk
Sylphic Counter
Sylphic Dining Table
Sylphic Table
The Unending Journey
Tonberry Dining Table
Tonberry Round Table
Used Banquet Table
Walnut Dining Table
Wooden Reel Table
Wooden Table


Admiral Portrait
A Knight to Remember
A Northerly Wind
Antique Wall Shelf
Apron Rack
Aurora Phasmascape
Azim Steppe Phasmascape
Azure Dragoon Portrait
Bar Rack
Bathroom Wall Tiles
Behemoth Wall Trophy
Blades of Innocence
Bluebird Mobile
Blue Moon Phasmascape
Brick Interior Wall
Butterfly Specimen
Carbuncle Chronometer
Cosmos Decoration
Crossed Halberds
Crystarium Kitchen Hanger
Crystarium Wall Chronometer
Decorative Wall Fan
Demon Wall Sculpture
Dragonsong Reproduction
Elder Seedseer Portrait
Enquire Within
Eorzean Map
Extra Large Angler's Canvas
Fat Cat Wall Chronometer
Fool's Portal
Fool's Threshold
Forever Friends
Four Lords
Galleass Wheel
Glade Wall Chronometer
Goobbue Wall Chronometer
Grade 1 Picture Frame
Grade 2 Picture Frame
Grade 3 Picture Frame
Gridanian Cityscape
Hanya Mask
Imitation Stained Crystal Ornament
Imitation Stained Crystal Pane
Kitchen Hanger
Large Angler's Canvas
Liberation Reproduction
Lominsan Cityscape
Lord Commander Portrait
Medium Angler's Canvas
Megalodon Jaws
Moogle Wall Chronometer
Mounted Bookshelf
Mounted Dinosaur Skull
Mounted Plate Rack
Nightfall Reproduction
Oasis Wall-mounted Fountain
Onus of an Engineer
Oriental Altar
Oriental Wind Chime
Portrait of Gestahl
Pumpkin Party Pennants
Riviera Wall Shelf
Ruby Sea Phasmascape
Scions of the Seventh Dawn Reproduction
Shinryu's Wing
Simple Curtain
Small Angler's Canvas
Starlight Mobile
Sultana and Flame General Portrait
Sultana Portrait
Suzaku Wall Hanging
Swag Valance
The Antecedent
The Sultana's Seven
Titania Shadow Box
Towel Hanger
Trouser Hanger
Ul'dahn Cityscape
Valentione Mobile
Wall Chronometer


Ahriman Screen
Alchemy Furnace
Ale Tap
Antique Sink
Apothecary's Workbench
Armor Hanger
Bomb Cauldron
Bomb Stove
Byakko Sideboard
Carbuncle Bathtub
Carbuncle Bed
Cask Rack
Chainmail Hanger
Chirurgeon's Curtain
Coat Hanger
Crystallized Coral
Crystal Tower Striker
Crystarium Stove
Crystarium Umbrella Stand
Dance Pole
Deluxe Manor Fireplace
Diagnostics Module
Display Stand
Double Feather Bed
Dragon Icon
Dress Form
Dress Hanger
Empyrean Shrine
Flame Utility Cot
Floor Sofa
Florist's Counter
Folded Futon
Frolicking Beasts
Fruit Stall
Futon Mattress
Gargoyle Sculpture
Garment Rack
Glade Bathtub
Glade Bed
Glade Canopy Bed
Hannish Silk Rack
Hat Stand
Hingan Armor Display
Hingan Bed
Hingan Fire Pit
Hingan Oven
Indoor BBQ Spit
Industrial Wall Pipes
Ishgardian Display Stand
Ishgardian Stove
Kimono Hanger
Lalafellin Step Stool
Level Checker Replica
Loft Bed
Longcase Chronometer
Looming Tonberry Screen
Mahogany Bunk Bed
Mahogany Screen
Manor Candelabra
Manor Cello
Manor Counter
Manor Fireplace
Manor Harp
Manor Harpsichord
Manor Marching Horn
Manor Music Stand
Manor Oven
Manor Timpani
Merry Mog Bed
Mhachi Coffin
Morbol Screen
Morin Khuur
Oasis Bathtub
Oasis Bed
Oasis Canopy Bed
Odder Otter Screen
Open Hearth
Order of Nald'thal Lectern
Oriental Bathtub
Palace Pedestal
Paramour Bed
Portable Stepladder
Pumpkin Tower
Queen's Rest
Rising Balloon
Riviera Bathtub
Riviera Bed
Riviera Canopy Bed
Rope Stanchion
Royal Lion
Rustic Chocobo Counter
Senor Sabotender Trophy
Serpent Utility Cot
Shower Stand
Southern Kitchen
Steppe Bed
Steppe Kitchen
Storm Utility Cot
Sylphic Screen
Syrcus Tower
The White Tiger
Thorne Dynasty Mantelshelf
Tier 1 Aquarium
Tier 1 Metal Aquarium
Tier 2 Aquarium
Tier 2 Metal Aquarium
Tier 3 Aquarium
Tier 3 Metal Aquarium
Tier 4 Aquarium
Tier 4 Metal Aquarium
Tonberry Bed
Tonberry Screen
Tree Slice Tower
Vegetable Stall



Ahriman Flower Vase
Ahriman Vase
Bamboo Planter
Doman Dogwood
Eggplant Knight Flower Vase
Garlic Jester Flower Vase
Glade Flowerpot
Glade Flower Vase
Glade Vase
Greatwood Planter
Imposing Dimension Castle Vase
Mandragora Queen Flower Vase
Manor Flower Stand
Mounted Flower Vase
Oak Low Barrel Planter
Oasis Flowerpot
Oasis Flower Vase
Oasis Vase
Oldrose Wall Planter
Onion Prince Flower Vase
Paramour Vase
Pine Bonsai
Planter Partition
Potted Axilflower
Potted Azalea
Potted Dragon Tree
Potted Maguey
Potted Oliphant's Ear
Potted Orange Tree
Potted Spider Plant
Potted Umbrella Fig
Pumpkin Flower Vase
Riviera Flowerpot
Riviera Flower Vase
Riviera Vase
Silver Starlight Sentinel
Starlight Sapling
Starlight Sentinel
Sumptuous Dimension Castle Vase
Sylphic Flower Vase
Terracotta Pot
Tomato King Flower Vase
Wall Planter
Walnut Flower Vases


Basket of Flowers
Botanist's Dried Herbs
Carpet of Flowers
Eastern Indoor Pond
Hanging Planter Shelf
Herb Flower
Indoor Oriental Garden
Indoor Pond
Philosopher's Stone Table
Rose Trellis
Shroud Cherry Sapling
Spring Meadow Partition
Starlight Goobbue Wreath
Starlight Ornament
Starlight Wreath
Sunflower Bouquet
Twin Star Ornament
Verdant Partition


Allagan Commerce Node Permit
Allagan Housekeeping Node Permit
Allagan Repair Node Permit
Allagan Resupply Node Permit
Ananta Junkmonger Permit
Ananta Maidservant Permit
Ananta Material Supplier Permit
Ananta Mender Permit
Armorcraft Forge
Clothcraft Loom
Compact Level 6 Aetherial Wheel Stand
Cooking Stove
Crystal Bell
Cuff-a-Cur Machine
Goldsmithing Bench
Hokonin Permit
Journeyman Salvager Permit
Junkmonger Permit
Junkmonger Permit A-2
Junkmonger Permit A-3
Kojin Junkmonger Permit
Kojin Manservant Permit
Kojin Material Supplier Permit
Kojin Mender Permit
Leatherworking Bench
Level 1 Aetherial Wheel Stand
Level 2 Aetherial Wheel Stand
Level 3 Aetherial Wheel Stand
Level 4 Aetherial Wheel Stand
Level 5 Aetherial Wheel Stand
Level 6 Aetherial Wheel Stand
Material Supplier Permit
Material Supplier Permit A-2
Material Supplier Permit A-3
Materia Melder Permit
Melodious Mogchestrion
Mender Permit
Mender Permit A-2
Mender Permit A-3
Message Book Stand
Monster Toss Machine
Namazu Junkmonger Permit
Namazu Manservant Permit
Namazu Material Supplier Permit
Namazu Mender Permit
Orchestrion Phonograph
Out on a Limb Machine
Smithing Bench
Steward Permit
Summoning Bell
Table Orchestrion
The Finer Miner Machine
The Moogle's Paw Machine
Woodworking Bench



Afternoon Tea Set
Alpine Breakfast
Alpine Supper Set
Alpine Tea Set
Approved Ishgardian Lunch
Assorted Fruit
Basket of Steamed Buns
Boar's Head Kadomatsu
Bowl of Oden
Bread Basket
Cake Tray
Chilled Red
Chocolate Fountain
Costa del Hielo
Curry Plate
Cutting Board
Decadent Fruit Platter
Devil's Salad Bowl
Eggcentric Chocolate Cake
Eggcentric Crown Roast
Eternity Cake
Evercold Shaved Ice
Festive Chirashi-zushi
Festive Sushi Balls
Fluffy Pancakes
Giant Beaver Burger Set
Glade Tea Set
Gourmet Lunch
Gourmet Supper
Green Tea Set
Grilled Corn
Grilled Eel Set
Hand-poured Coffee
Hard Rice Cakes
Hatching-tide Confections
High House Supper Set
Honey Pot
House Borel Tea Set
Milk Carton
Nameday Cake
New World Burrito Lunch
Oasis Breakfast
Oriental Breakfast
Oriental Chawan-mushi Lunch
Oriental Orange Basket
Oriental Rice Ball Lunch
Oriental Soba Lunch
Oriental Supper
Oriental Sushi Lunch
Oriental Tea Set
Oriental Udon Lunch
Pepperoni Pizza Set
Picnic Basket
Piping Hot Pumpkin Stew
Pixie Apple Basket
Pot of Cream Stew
Pumpkin Basket
Pumpkin Pastry Platter
Pumpkin Pie Set
Pumpkin Pudding Set
Pumpkin Stew
Redoubtable Rolanberry Tart
Riviera Breakfast
Riviera Lunch
Riviera Supper
Royal Dowager Tea Set
Sake Set
Sandwich Basket
Set of Liquor Bottles
Shakshouka Pot
Sliced Watermelon
Spirits Collection
Starlight Cake
Starlight Dodo
Starlight Donuts
Starlight Log Set
Starlight Roll Cake
Starlight Stew Set
Tako-yaki Boat
The Bismarck
Valentione Cake Pairing
Valentione Lobster Platter
Valentione's Cake
Vegetable Basket
Wax Vegetables


Adventurers' Guild Aduyses
Akadaemia Prospectuses
All Saints' Wake Advertisement
Choir Concert Advertisement
Classified Documents
Elemental Wheel
Enclave Map
Encyclopedia Eorzea
Falcons Banner
Familiar Pawprints
Fantastical All Saints' Wake Advertisement
Hatching-tide Advertisement
Hatching-tide Banner
Hingan Scroll
Hingan Wall Scroll
Immortal Flames Banner
Ivy Mural
Labyrinthos Warning Sign
Little Ladies' Day Advertisement
Little Ladies' Day Banner
Maelstrom Banner
Mol Banner
Moonfire Faire
Moonfire Faire Advertisement
Oriental Wall Scroll
Pile of Tomes
Prelude in Violet
Pub Signboard
Ravens Banner
Requiem for Heroes
Rise of a New Sun
Rising Banner
Scattered Documents
Sealed Letter
Second Edition Moonfire Faire
Stack of Documents
Stack of Tomes
Starlight Celebration Advertisement
Starlight II
The Five Ages
The Legend Returns
Twin Adder Banner
Under the Moonlight
Valentione's Day Advertisement
Watts's Sketches
Yugiri and Gosetsu Sketch


Alexander Miniature
Bahamut Miniature
Dainsleif SD
Diabolos Miniature
Diamond Weapon Bust
Dreadwyrm Miniature
Emerald Weapon Bust
Enterprise Miniature
G-Warrior MG
Head of the Dreadwyrm
Helldiver SD
Invincible II Miniature
Invincible Miniature
Lakshmi Miniature
Magitek Reaper Miniature
Miniature Gold Saucer
Miniature Iloh
Nidhogg Miniature
Odin Miniature
Odyssey Miniature
Ruby Weapon Bust
Sapphire Weapon Bust
Scathach Miniature
Seiryu Statuette
Sophia Miniature
Susano Miniature
Tatanora Miniature
Tiny Bronco Miniature
Ultima Weapon Miniature
Viltgance Miniature
Vodoriga Sculpture
Zurvan Miniature


Enormous Stuffed Alpha
Extra-stuffed Carbuncle
Happy New Chocobo
Huggable Gaelicat
Major-General Cushion
Paissa Doll
Plush Pile
Sheep Dolls
Stuffed Ahriman
Stuffed Alpha
Stuffed Ananta
Stuffed Android Units
Stuffed Baby Behemoth
Stuffed Bear
Stuffed Behelmeted Serpent
Stuffed Bom Boko
Stuffed Brina
Stuffed Cait Sith
Stuffed Calca
Stuffed Carbuncle
Stuffed Chocobo
Stuffed Clionid
Stuffed Dhalmel
Stuffed Dog
Stuffed Edda
Stuffed Eggplant Knight
Stuffed Estinien
Stuffed Fox
Stuffed Fuath
Stuffed Gagana
Stuffed Garlic Jester
Stuffed Giant Beaver
Stuffed Goblin
Stuffed Happy Bunny
Stuffed Hraesvelgr
Stuffed Khloe
Stuffed Kojin
Stuffed Kupka Kupp
Stuffed Mammet
Stuffed Mandragora Queen
Stuffed Mazlaya Marlin
Stuffed Moogle
Stuffed Namazu
Stuffed Onion Prince
Stuffed Paissa Patissier
Stuffed Peerifool
Stuffed Porxie
Stuffed Qiqirn
Stuffed Rabbit
Stuffed Sabotender
Stuffed Spriggan
Stuffed Succubus
Stuffed Takitaro
Stuffed Tomato King
Stuffed Tonberry
Stuffed Tsukuyomi
Unmoving Maneki Moogle


Hades Trophy
Ixion Trophy
Season Eighteen Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Eight Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Eleven Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Fifteen Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Five Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Four Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Four Pack Wolf Trophy
Season Fourteen Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Nine Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Nineteen Lone Wolf Trophy
Season One Lone Wolf Trophy
Season One Pack Wolf Trophy
Season Seven Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Seventeen Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Six Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Sixteen Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Ten Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Thirteen Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Three Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Three Pack Wolf Trophy
Season Twelve Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Twenty Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Two Lone Wolf Trophy
Season Two Pack Wolf Trophy
Team Season Pack Wolf Trophy
Trophy of Divine Light
Trophy of Eternal Darkness
Trophy of Light


Adventuring Pack
Aetherolectric Guitar
Ahriman Chronometer
Allagan Tomestone of Frivolity
Altar to Pazuzu
Ame-zaiku Set
Ananta Metalworks
Antique Vessels
Archon Egg Pile
Archon Egg Pouch
Bag of Booty
Brass Pricket
Candlelit Sundries
Carbuncle House Slippers
Cardpaper Box
Cerulean Crystal Boule
Chirurgeon's Essentials
Cosmetics Box
Cozy Leather Shoes
Crimson Coral Object
Crystal Boule
Crystarium Mechanical Till
Crystarium Teapot
Dead Man's Chest
Dish Rack
Dragon Piece
Dragoon Piece
Drinking Apkallu
Elixir Bottle
Emerald Crystal Boule
Empty Boxes
Empty Sparkleboxes
Empty Twinkleboxes
Etheirys Globe
Evercold Starlight Snowman
Fabric Rack
Fat Cat Bank
Fat Chocobo Table Chronometer
First Chair's Trumpet
Gemseeker's Pack
Ghost Candlestand
Glade Cushion
Glass Jars
Golden Crystal Boule
Golden Ewer
Gridanian Bouquet
Grocery Bag
Handmade Akabeko
Heavenly Ornamental Array
Heavensturn Bounty
Hingan Brushes
Hingan Cleaning Supplies
Homemade Cookie Set
Hunting Supplies
Ink & Quill
Ironfrog Keeper
Kotetsu Replica
Laundry Basket
Leather Bags
Little Chef's Playset
Macaron Cushion
Mandragora Table Chronometer
Matching Cushions
Messy Dishes
Misplaced Eyeglasses
Misplaced Mog Slippers
Model Star Globe
Mosquito Moogle
Mummer's Maquillage
Necklace Display Stand
Necrologos Transcription
Oasis Cushion
Open Book
Opened Twinkleboxes
Oriental Pipe Box
Paint Can
Paissa Chronometer
Plundered Treasure
Porcelain Vase
Prism Pouch
Queen's Gunner Piece
Queen's Knight Piece
Queen's Soldier Piece
Queen's Warrior Piece
Riviera Cushion
Riviera Table Chronometer
Ruby Crystal Boule
Sewing Baskets
Shipping Crate
Siphon Coffee Brewer
Sofa Cushions
Star Ruby Music Box
Star Sapphire Music Box
Strewn Bottoms
Strewn Smallclothes
Table Chronometer
Tabletop Hat Stand
Temple Knight Piece
Toy Box
Travel Paint Set
Triple Triad Board
Undersea Spoils
Unfinished Shawl
Valentione's Day Balloons
Vanity Mirror
Vigil Piece
War Chest
Weighing Scale
Wine Barrel
Wine Glass
Wine Rack
Wooden Bin
Wooden Cups
Wooden Plates
Wyvern Piece
Yarn Basket
Zabuton Cushion


Alchemical Lantern
Amaurot Wall Lamp
Amdapori Wall Lantern
Amigo Cactus Floor Lamp
Ancient Lamp
Assorted Candles
Belah'dian Crystal Lantern
Blazing Inferno Wall Lamp
Carbuncle Lantern
Cracked Arch Window
Dragon Floor Lamp
Dwarven Floor Lamp
Egg Floor Lamp
Emerald Carbuncle Lamp
Eorzean Lantern
Factory Wall Lamp
Glade Floor Lamp
Glade Lantern
Goobbue Lamp
Great Gubal Floor Lamp
Hatchling Lamp
Hatchling Lantern
Hingan Andon Lamp
Hingan Chochin Lantern
Il Mheg Flower Lamp
Imitation Long Window
Imitation Shuttered Window
Imitation Square Window
Indirect Lighting
Indirect Stand Lighting
Indirect Wall Lighting
Inferno Wall Lamp
Iron Torch
Jellyfish Lamp
Lily Floor Lamp
Lily Wall Lamp
Lord of Levin Lamp
Mammet Lantern
Mandragora Floor Lamp
Marimo Lamp
Matanga Lamp
Mellow Mog Lamp
Metal Work Lantern
Mushroom Lamp
Nymian Wall Lantern
Oasis Floor Lamp
Oasis Lantern
Odder Otter Lantern
Odder Otter Round Andon Lamp
Odder Otter Wall Lantern
Paissa Floor Lamp
Pendant Wall Light
Plasma Lamp
Pudding Floor Lamp
Riviera Floor Lamp
Riviera Lantern
Ruby Carbuncle Lamp
Slanted Skylight
Small Imitation Window
Sylphic Wall Lantern
Tonberry Floor Lamp
Tonberry Wall Lantern
Topaz Carbuncle Lamp
Wall Lantern
Wooden Work Lantern

Interior Fixtures

Ceiling Light

Alpine Chandelier
Bombard Lamp
Carbuncle Chandelier
Classic Chandelier
Cloud Acorn Chandelier
Crystal Chandelier
Crystarium Chandelier
Deep Hive Ceiling Fan
Deluxe Glade Pendant Lamp
Deluxe Oasis Pendant Lamp
Deluxe Riviera Pendant Lamp
Diamond Chandelier
Divine Chandelier
Eulmoran Chandelier
Factory Chandelier
Faerie Chandelier
Flame Ceiling Fan & Lamp
Glade Chandelier
Glade Pendant Lamp
Gold Saucer Chandelier
Hingan Hanging Andon Lamp
Hingan Hanging Bonbori Lamp
Hingan Hanging Toro Lamp
Hive Ceiling Fan
House Fortemps Chandelier
Ice Chandelier
Illumination Module
Leafy Ceiling Lamp
Magnificent Mogdelier
Morbol Chandelier
Oasis Chandelier
Oasis Pendant Lamp
Odder Otter Hanging Andon Lamp
Pendant Lamp Planter
Riviera Chandelier
Riviera Pendant Lamp
Serpent Ceiling Fan & Lamp
Skylight Chandelier
Star Chandelier
Storm Ceiling Fan & Lamp
Tonberry Chandelier
Wooden Chandelier

Main Door

Florist's Door
Glade Arched Door
Glade Classical Door
Glade Lancet Door
Hingan Door (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Door (Mokuzo)
Hingan Door (Nanpu)
Oasis Arched Door
Oasis Classical Door
Oasis Crowned Door
Riviera Ornate Door
Riviera Studded Door
Riviera Wooden Door

Side Door

Hingan Door
Riviera Door


Florist's Window
Glade Classical Window
Glade Lancet Window
Glade Rounded Window
Half-timbered Window
Hingan Lancet Window
Hingan Oblong Window
Hingan Squinch Window
Oasis Lancet Window
Oasis Oblong Window
Oasis Octagonal Window
Riviera Arched Window
Riviera Bay Window
Riviera Oblong Window
Riviera Window


Alpine Flooring
Arbor Flooring
Bisque Flooring
Brick Flooring
Ceramic Tile Flooring
Checkered Flooring
Chocobo Flooring
Country Flooring
Cream Yellow Carpet
Eulmoran Marble Flooring
Factory Flooring
Flame Flooring
Glade Flooring
Gold Leaf Flooring
Herringbone Flooring
Hingan Flooring
Iron Plate Flooring
Lily Hills Flooring
Manor Flooring
Marble Flooring
Masonwork Flooring
Metal Flooring
MGS Flooring
Monochrome Flooring
Monochrome MGS Flooring
Moogle Flooring
Oasis Cobble Flooring
Oasis Flooring
Palace of the Dead Flooring
Riviera Flooring
Rough Stone Flooring
Serpent Flooring
Sharlayan Flooring
Stone Flooring
Storm Flooring
Sultana's Breath Flooring
Tatami Flooring
Teal Blue Carpeting
Tiled Flooring
Topmast Flooring
Tribunal Flooring
Unfinished Wood Flooring
Varied Wood Flooring
White Marble Flooring


Alpine Inner Wall
Arbor Interior Wall
Black-and-white Interior Wall
Bluesky Interior Wall
Chocobo Interior Wall
Classic Interior Wall
Cob Inner Wall
Country Interior Wall
Eerie Wallpaper
Eggstravagant Interior Wall
Eulmoran Inner Wall
Factory Interior Wall
Flame Interior Wall
Fortemps Manor Interior Wall
Garlean Concrete Inner Wall
Glade Flora Interior Wall
Glade Interior Wall
Golden Kasamatsu Interior Wall
Golden Upholstered Interior Wall
Gold Leaf Interior Wall
Hingan Interior Wall
House Borel Interior Wall
Lily Hills Interior Wall
Masonwork Interior Wall
Metal Interior Wall
MGS Interior Wall
Moogle Interior Wall
Mosaic Interior Wall
Oasis Flora Interior Wall
Oasis Interior Wall
Palace of the Dead Interior Wall
Riviera Flora Interior Wall
Riviera Interior Wall
Riviera Interior Wall
Rough Stone Interior Wall
Serpent Interior Wall
Solid-brick Interior Wall
Spotted Interior Wall
Stained Crystal Interior Wall
Starlight Interior Wall
Stone Interior Wall
Storm Blue Interior Wall
Storm Interior Wall
Striped Interior Wall
Sultana's Breath Interior Wall
Tiled Interior Wall
Topmast Interior Wall
Unfinished Interior Wall
Varied Wood Interior Wall
Walnut Interior Wall
Wavy Interior Wall
White Interior Wall

Exterior Items


Boundless Expanse Fountain
Dinosaur Skeleton
Dinosaur Skull
Dinosaur Tailbone
Dried Well
Expanse Fountain
Fruitful Fountain
Garden Pond
Glade Gazebo
Hingan Hot Spring
Il Mheg Garden Fountain
Large Garden Pond
Living Arch
Miniature Heaven-on-High
Moai Statue
Namazu Effigy
Oriental Wood Bridge
Oriental Wooden Deck
Portable Pool
Rising Pillar
Savage Arc of Triumph
Sephirot Root
Tidal Wavesoul Fount
Wavesoul Fount
Wooden Deck
Wooden Footbridge



Beach Chair
Brass Bench
Carbuncle Garden Bench
Eastern Teahouse Bench
Oaken Bench
Odder Otter Bench
Stump Stool


Artist's Show Window
Baker's Show Window
Designer's Show Window
Garden Tool Shelf
Moonfire Mask Stall
Smith's Show Window
Toymaker's Show Window


Armorer's Stall
Baker's Stall
Bookseller's Stall
Butcher's Stall
Carbuncle Garden Table
Enchanter's Stall
Florist's Stall
Forging Bench
Fruiterer's Stall
Greengrocer's Stall
Jeweler's Stall
Materiel Table
Mythril Table
Retainer Counter
Riviera Garden Table Set
Walnut Table
Weaponsmith's Stall
Wind Chime Stand


Amalj'aa Pavis Shield
Amalj'aa Supply Carriage
Archon Egg Tower
Automaton Digger
BBQ Spit
Bertha Cannon
Big One Festival Float
Brick Paving
Cast-iron Cookpot
Cold Knight's Cookfire
Crimson Felt Mat
Crofter's Wain
Curved Stepping Stones
Curved Stepping Stumps
Dark Divinity Falleth
Dataqi Standard
Dodo Message Book Stand
Dodo's Nest
Explorer's Campfire
Flame of Passion
Garden Gravel
Ixali Banner
Ixali Shelter
Kobold Furnace
Laundry Pole
Linen Parasol
Miniature Aetheryte
Miniature Antique Clock Tower
Nomad's Tent
Oriental Deck
Oriental Snowcave
Personal Astroscope
Pumpkin Carriage
Red Brick Kitchen
Retainer Cartonnier
Rose Wagon
Sahagin Hanging Larder
Snow Drift
Straight Stepping Stones
Straight Stepping Stumps
Thavnairian Dhow
Water Bomb Stand



Gulg Planter
Half Barrel Planter
Large Planter Box
Lattice Planter
Lotus Parasol
Low Barrel Planter
Planter Box
Water Lilies


Autumnal Ginkgo Tree
Autumnal Maple Tree
Bamboo Copse
Cedar Tree
Coldbare Tree
Desert Ironwood
Dravanian Down Tree
Eastern Cherry Tree
Eastern Pine
Eastern Wisteria
Far Eastern Willow
Gnathic Lamp Tree
Hanging Bench
Island Palm
Lakeland Elf Tree
Moon-topped Starlight Sentinel
Parkside Tree
Sephirot Tree
Simple Treehouse
Snow-dusted Tree
Star-topped Starlight Sentinel
Sun-topped Starlight Sentinel
Sylphic Lamp Tree
Wild Banana Tree


Blue Coral Formation
Botanist's Garden
Brick Garden Circle
Brick Garden Wall
Corner Hedge Partition
Dandelion Plot
Death's Fingers
Dohn Trellis
Eastern Cherry Petal Pile
Fallen Tree
Ginkgo Leaf Pile
Hedge Partition
Lakeland Flower Garden
La Noscean Grape Pergola
Lupin Plot
Maple Leaf Pile
Moongrass Plot
Morning Glory Plot
Oriental Grass Plot
Ornamental Bamboo
Plot of Hydrangeas
Poroggo Lawn Ornament
Rounded Shrub
Shroud Broadleaf
Sunflower Plot
Topiary Carbuncle
Topiary Chocobo
Topiary Moogle
Topiary Paissa
Topiary Sabotender
Turnkey's Cups
Vegetable Garden


Alps Striking Dummy
Chocobo Stable
Crystarium Striking Dummy
Deluxe Garden Patch
Expansion of Duties Permit
Faust Striking Dummy
Glade Chocobo Stable
Glade Striking Dummy
Gyr Abanian Striking Dummy
Moogle Letter Box
Oasis Chocobo Stable
Oasis Striking Dummy
Oblong Garden Patch
Old World Striking Dummy
Oriental Chocobo Stable
Oriental Striking Dummy
Regal Letter Box
Riviera Chocobo Stable
Riviera Striking Dummy
Round Garden Patch
Thavnairian Striking Dummy


Empty Gift Boxes
Empty Present Boxes
Fête Party Balloons
Fête Skyrise Balloon
Garden Anvil
Garlean Containers
Haunted Pumpkin Set
Mossy Rock
Picnic Set
Shirogane Pinwheel
Standing Signboard
Ultimate Kettle
Ultimate Kettle Nexus
Ultimate Kettle Zenith
Unbreakable Rock
Wooden Bucket


Amdapori Beacon
Cragsoul Lamp
Firecrest Trophy
Firefly Lamp
Glade Lamppost
Glade Path Light
Glass Pumpkin Trophy
Moonfire Lantern
Oasis Lamppost
Oasis Path Light
Odder Otter Andon Lamp
Pumpkin Candlestand
Riviera Lamppost
Riviera Path Light
Sahagin Living Lamp
Seastone Brazier
Sharlayan Lamppost
Stone Vigil Beacon
Sylphic Lamppost
Titanic Cragsoul Lamp
Toro Lantern

Exterior Fixtures

Exterior Wall

Glade Cottage Wall (Composite)
Glade Cottage Wall (Stone)
Glade Cottage Wall (Wood)
Glade House Wall (Composite)
Glade House Wall (Stone)
Glade House Wall (Wood)
Glade Mansion Wall (Composite)
Glade Mansion Wall (Stone)
Glade Mansion Wall (Wood)
Hingan Cottage Wall (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Cottage Wall (Mokuzo)
Hingan Cottage Wall (Nanpu)
Hingan House Wall (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan House Wall (Mokuzo)
Hingan House Wall (Nanpu)
Hingan Mansion Wall (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Mansion Wall (Mokuzo)
Hingan Mansion Wall (Nanpu)
Oasis Cottage Wall (Composite)
Oasis Cottage Wall (Stone)
Oasis Cottage Wall (Wood)
Oasis House Wall (Composite)
Oasis House Wall (Stone)
Oasis House Wall (Wood)
Oasis Mansion Wall (Composite)
Oasis Mansion Wall (Stone)
Oasis Mansion Wall (Wood)
Riviera Cottage Wall (Composite)
Riviera Cottage Wall (Stone)
Riviera Cottage Wall (Wood)
Riviera House Wall (Composite)
Riviera House Wall (Stone)
Riviera House Wall (Wood)
Riviera Mansion Wall (Composite)
Riviera Mansion Wall (Stone)
Riviera Mansion Wall (Wood)

Exterior Wall Decor

Glade Awning
Glade Tiled Awning
Glade Wall Chimney
Hingan Awning (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Awning (Mokuzo)
Hingan Awning (Nanpu)
Oasis Awning
Oasis Wall Chimney
Oasis Wooden Awning
Riviera Awning
Riviera Wall Chimney
Riviera Wooden Awning


Glade Cobblestone Wall
Glade Hedgewall
Glade Roundpole Fence
Glade Thatch Wall
Hingan Fence (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Fence (Mokuzo)
Hingan Fence (Nanpu)
Oasis Fence
Oasis Ornate Fence
Oasis Stone Wall
Oasis Wooden Wall
Riviera Fence
Riviera Picket Wall
Riviera Roofed Wall
Riviera Stone Fence
Riviera Stone Wall


Glade Banner
Glade Hanging Placard
Glade Placard
Hingan Placard (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Placard (Mokuzo)
Hingan Placard (Nanpu)
Oasis Banner
Oasis Hanging Placard
Oasis Placard
Riviera Banner
Riviera Hanging Placard
Riviera Placard


Glade Cottage Roof (Composite)
Glade Cottage Roof (Stone)
Glade Cottage Roof (Wood)
Glade House Roof (Composite)
Glade House Roof (Stone)
Glade House Roof (Wood)
Glade Mansion Roof (Composite)
Glade Mansion Roof (Stone)
Glade Mansion Roof (Wood)
Hingan Cottage Roof (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Cottage Roof (Mokuzo)
Hingan Cottage Roof (Nanpu)
Hingan House Roof (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan House Roof (Mokuzo)
Hingan House Roof (Nanpu)
Hingan Mansion Roof (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Mansion Roof (Mokuzo)
Hingan Mansion Roof (Nanpu)
Oasis Cottage Roof (Composite)
Oasis Cottage Roof (Stone)
Oasis Cottage Roof (Wood)
Oasis House Roof (Composite)
Oasis House Roof (Stone)
Oasis House Roof (Wood)
Oasis Mansion Roof (Composite)
Oasis Mansion Roof (Stone)
Oasis Mansion Roof (Wood)
Riviera Cottage Roof (Composite)
Riviera Cottage Roof (Stone)
Riviera Cottage Roof (Wood)
Riviera House Roof (Composite)
Riviera House Roof (Stone)
Riviera House Roof (Wood)
Riviera Mansion Roof (Composite)
Riviera Mansion Roof (Stone)
Riviera Mansion Roof (Wood)

Roof Decor

Apkallu Weathervane
Cactuar Weathervane
Chocobo Weathervane
Glade Rounded Chimney
Glade Thatch Chimney
Hingan Chimney (Kura-zukuri)
Hingan Watchtower (Mokuzo)
Hingan Watchtower (Nanpu)
Oasis Rounded Chimney
Oasis Stone Chimney
Riviera Rounded Chimney
Riviera Stone Chimney

Full Exterior Set

Carbuncle Cottage Walls
Carbuncle House Walls
Carbuncle Mansion Walls
Chocobo Cottage Walls
Chocobo House Walls
Chocobo Mansion Walls
Half-timbered Cottage Walls
Half-timbered House Walls
Half-timbered Mansion Walls
Large Arms Supplier's Walls
Large Cafe Walls
Large Eatery Walls
Large Florist's Walls
Large Forge's Walls
Large Merchant's Walls
Large Outfitter's Walls
Large Shirogane Castle Walls
Large Smithy Walls
Medium Arms Supplier's Walls
Medium Cafe Walls
Medium Eatery Walls
Medium Florist's Walls
Medium Forge's Walls
Medium Merchant's Walls
Medium Outfitter's Walls
Medium Shirogane Castle Walls
Medium Smithy Walls
Microscopically Small Mogwalls
Middlingly Medium Mogwalls
Monstrously Large Mogwalls
Odder Otter Cottage Walls
Odder Otter House Walls
Odder Otter Mansion Walls
Paissa Cottage Walls
Paissa House Walls
Paissa Mansion Walls
Small Arms Supplier's Walls
Small Cafe Walls
Small Eatery Walls
Small Florist's Walls
Small Forge's Walls
Small Merchant's Walls
Small Outfitter's Walls
Small Shirogane Castle Walls
Small Smithy Walls
Trader's Cottage Walls
Trader's House Walls
Trader's Mansion Walls